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We’re not going to lie to you and call this our FAQ (frequently asked questions). Have you ever wondered why websites have a FAQ when you know that some of these questions cannot be frequently asked questions? Some of the content provided below may be helpful to humans, the true intent is to give something for robots searching the web to read and determine where the page should rank in search engines. The information that follows on this page may very well be helpful and of interest to some humans. For truly helpful human information please visit our Home Page.

Tennis – The Inspiration for Zort

Tennis is the sport that first inspired the creation of The founder of Zort was active in tennis and wanted to find more opportunities to play the game in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He heard about a tournament in Mequon, Wisconsin from some friends of his. He then attempted to find more information regarding this tournament. He knew where it was being held and searched for their website. Only because he knew the exact name of the fitness club was he able to find their website. After spending much time searching the fitness club’s website he could not find any information about the upcoming tournament. He went back to his friends, who provided a copy of the registration form. At that point, due to time frames, the registration form had to be dropped off at the club with the tournament fee to meet registration deadlines. Zort Founder-Dude thought to himself, “There has to be a better way to find out about these tournaments”.

After participating in this Mequon tennis tournament, the Zort Founder–Dude had a chat with the tournament coordinator. Would he like more people to play in the tournament? Of course he would! Zort Founder–Dude then explained how difficult (really, impossible) it had been to find any information regarding the tennis tournament on the web. The coordinator of the tournament explained that he didn’t have authorization or the ability to update the club’s website and there was just no good place to advertise on their budget. Ta-Dah! was born - A website where anybody can post all of the information regarding their sporting event and participants can filter this information to find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s the website that offers something for everyone!


What is Zort? Zort is a website where users can upload information to the website and viewers define what results they see via numerous search options, instead of hidden search engine algorithms.

Will Zort share my information? Zort will not sell your information. Zort will not share the information that you enter on the My Account page. Of course, any information that you enter on the Add/Edit Events page will be shared with the public via the Homepage and Event Information page. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Will Zort share my email address? The only time your email is shared is if you post an event, enter your email address on the Add/Edit Event page and select Preferred Method of Registration as Email. Participants need an address to email the form.

Is there a membership fee? There is no membership fee for Zort. It costs nothing to create an account on Zort.

Can Zort notify me when new events that might interest me are posted? Yes, just choose and filter your selections on the Home Page to let Zort know what you’re interested in. Then click the Save My Search icon located above the results. You will be asked whether Zort should send you an email when a new event matches your search criteria. Click Yes.


Where do I start on the Zort home page? It all depends on what you’re looking for. Most people want to find sporting events that are local. You can do this by entering your ZIP Code and the distance from that ZIP Code at the top of the homepage. Perhaps you’re looking for a particular sport like Golf. Go to the Category column and select Ball with Bat/Stick. Now select Non-Bat from the Subcategory column. Finally, select Golf. Your search results are automatically updated and displayed at the bottom of the page.

How do I know how many results there are? The number results is displayed in the blue box at the top of the homepage.

How do I find events if I know the name of the organization that is hosting the event? Go to the middle of the Home Page to locate the Click Here for More Options button. Click on it for more options to search by. Go to the Search All field and select Organization from the drop-down menu. Enter the organization name in the text box and click the Go button.

How do I advertise on the Home Page? Zort has one banner ad location on the homepage. This banner ad changes whenever someone selects a sport. You can bid on a banner ad by clicking on it. Bidding closes on the 15th of each month.

Why is there a Subcategory column? We didn’t want you to have to scroll through hundreds of sports to find what you’re looking for. The Subcategory helps narrow your search.


Do I need to create an account to add an event? Yes, you do need to create an account to post an event on Zort. However, you can view the Add/Edit page without creating an account. You can enter all the information for an event and then create your account. You won't loose any of the information you already entered. Zort is easy!

What are the credits used for? It takes one credit to post an event on Zort. We wanted to deter people from posting superfluous garbage on Zort. By using credits, we can give an advantage to organizations that post a lot of events and thus purchase bulk amounts of credits at a reduced cost.

I can't create an event with that has the same name as an existing event. Why not? We did this to avoid having duplicate occurrences of the same event. That does not mean that the same event cannot be posted by numerous people. The event might be a league where there are several teams and each team may want to try to use that same event name. Just add a little bit more information to event name to customize it for your team (for example, add the year, coodinator/team name or city to the event name).

Is there a way to avoid typing in all my organizations information each time I post an event? Information that you enter on the My Account page will you be used to auto-populate the Add/Edit page when you create an event.

Can I use a previously posted event to create a new event (like a template)? Yes! Click edit and be sure to change the Event Name (Zort does not allow duplicate Event Names) and any other information as needed. Instead of clicking Update Event just click Post As New Event.

We're a small organization. Do we have a chance against established and well known events? No matter how big you are, how many hits your site receives, or how big your advertising budget, anyone can show up on the 1st page of results. When you Zort your sports, you determine what criteria is important to you and Zort provides the corresponding sporting events that match.

How long does it take to post an event on Zort? Complete the required fields and you could be done in less than 20 seconds. By using existing events as templates, you could even post things faster. When taking advantage of all the fields on the Add/Edit Page, you'll still be able to post an event in just a few minutes. It's a quick and easy!