Wheel Throwing (clay art)

Other Mind Sports -- Single Event

Jul 29 - Aug 04, 2019 11:00 am Meets On Fri, Fri and Fri

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Hands On Art Studio
3655 Peninsula Players Road
Fish Creek, WI 54212 US
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Preferred Registration Method None
$80.00 per person

Contact Information
Phone: (920) 868-9311

Event Details
Age Range 12 - 127
Gender Male, Female
Indoor Sport
No Award\Trophy
Spectators Welcome
Public Welcome
Disabled Sport
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Work one on one with a clay instructor on the wheel to throw your own pot.

Instruction time will be 1 1/2 hours then a 1/2 hour of time to play on your own. Result will be at least three pieces that will be bisque fired.

Process: Day One - Throw pots on wheel; Day Two - We bisque fire; Day Three - You return after 2:30 pm to glaze your pieces*; Day Four - Ready for pick-up after 2:30 pm.

*If you can't make it back to glaze; you can pick out a glaze color and we will do it for you and then ship your art to you. (extra cost for shipping)


(includes Tax + Daily $5 Admission)

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