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Martial Arts -- Training

Aug 01 - Aug 01, 2020

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Duke Roufus Academy
321 N 76th St
Milwaukee, WI 53213 US
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Roufusport Boxing
Phone: (414) 453-5425

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Age Range 0 - 127
Gender Male, Female
Indoor Sport
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Boxing is a combat sport that utilizes the hands to deliver combinations of punches. At Roufusport we have taken that to the next level.

At our state of the art facility our professional boxing instructors work with you as an individual to create well maintained balance, proper footwork, and the best in technique.

Boxing may be one of the oldest combat sports around, but we give it a new look at Roufusport.

Call (414) 453-5425 and get started Boxing at Roufusport today!


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